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Bizboard Team

Nice to meet you too!

Our multidisciplinary team is young, fun, friendly and highly educated. Together, we transform great ideas into awesome digital experiences.

We are always looking for great talents.

Do you want to work on awesome projects and learn something new every day?



Hans van den Akker
Chief Executive Officer
Ben Heuser
Chief Operations Officer
Olivier Janssen
Business Consultant
Tom Clement
Chief Technology Officer
Vlad Stan
Front-end Developer
Karl Lundfall
Front-end Developer
Dennis Van den Berg
VP Sales
Manuel Overdijk
Front-end Developer
Charilaos Mulder
UI/UX Designer
Christopher Catton
Front-end Developer
Sam Mountain
UI/UX Designer
Paul van Motman
Front-end Developer
Coen Michielsen
Chief Financial Officer
Joe Oliver
Front-end Developer
Peter Schäfer
FinTech Advisor
Friso Gramsma
Marketing Manager
Yuval Halevi
Marketing Director
Tom Steele
Front-end Developer

Opened Positions

We currently have 3 open positions. Full time. Amsterdam. Apply now!

Junior JS Developer

At Bizboard we are looking for new and exited developers to hop onboard and come to Amsterdam to join our expanding team of developer and designers.

Take your bike and have a healthy ride to work. Work on exciting javascript projects for a variety of clients. Be in charge of a project and work closely with the product owner. Or become the product owner and work together with the client to make the project fit their needs.  Enjoy a wrap at one of the tortilla parties our design team throws every now and then! Meet colleagues with all kinds of backgrounds and nationalities and have a drink with them at work or some of the hidden gems revealed by Vlad.

Do you think you have what it takes to join our team and build amazing hybrid apps?

Come and have a drink with us and decide for yourself if Bizboard is the place for you!

Or send everything to

You can e-mail us night and day, but calling could show personality. We keep it up to you!

Junior Designer

Our design team needs an exciting creative mind with good skills in graphic design. Are you the new asset of our team?

We are looking for a junior designer who is excited to create UI’s that make the customer experience as enjoyable as popping bubble wrap. You will be joining a diverse design team with a love for design, food and Game of Thrones. Be the first step in the app development cycle, build beautiful app interfaces in the fastest growing software development agency of the Netherlands.

If that sounds like you, let’s meet up in Amsterdam to meet the team and impress us with your design skills.

Or send everything to

You can e-mail us night and day, but calling could show personality. We keep it up to you!

Marketing Internship

We are looking for a marketing student that can take up the challenge to educate a team of developers and designers how you get your product sold.

We are looking for a marketing student that can work in a diverse team and take the task upon him to create content for different media channels.
Use your knowledge for a good cause and help us making a name for ourselves. We are a software development agency in Amsterdam and work together with many exciting startups and large enterprises.
We want welcome you in our team to support us with your knowhow about marketing!

So are you a student, eager to learn and ready to take a dip in the pond called software? Then, we want you!

Or send everything to

You can e-mail us night and day, but calling could show personality. We keep it up to you!

We enjoy having fun @Bizboard

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Bizboard Amsterdam
Don’t be afraid of new arenas.
Innovation is moving at a scarily fast pace.
Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
I will always find a lazy person to do a difficult job… because he will find an easy way to do it!
Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like.

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