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Content is king, UX builds castles!

The amount of app zombies in the app store and google play is rising. About 80% of the apps fail, so how do you keep your app relevant?

Content makes you king?

Many still believe that content is the most important thing for the success of your digital product. But the king of video content is struggling to get good reviews and satisfy their users needs on mobile devices. Youtube gets an 2.5/5 star rating for their IOS app, but Youtube has the most and the best video content available. The Facebook app gets a low rating as well, but is still the leading social network in the world. So good content does not equal good apps.

So why are these apps rated so poorly?

When you dive in the reviews it is mostly performance issues and disappointing functionalities of the app that bothers people. Content is almost never the reason why people don’t like the app, so you could say that UX is the main predictor of the reviews. But reviews tend to show a distorted image of reality, people are more eager to leave a review after a bad experience then after a good one.
However, there are quite some apps that have excellent reviews (4+/5). For example the app scores a solid 4.5 star review. With over 8500 people leaving a review and almost no 1 star reviews they show that great UX makes an app very popular with the crowd.

Content is never the reason why people don’t like the app, … UX is the main predictor of the reviews.

All of the examples above are all established companies with million users worldwide, so their apps will still be used. But if you are not Google, Facebook or the impact of UX on your app is big. A good app will get listed in the app store and is shared with friends and family so it will spread without effort. An app with bad UX on the other hand will get deleted fast and don’t reach it’s potential. Great content doesn’t compensate for bad UX. If you want to make the most of your content you need to put it in the right framework. Content is king but without proper UX you’ll be a king without a castle.



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